Vegan Quickies

Vegan Quickies

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How would you like to make healthy delicious meals in next to no time! 

Well, with Vegan Quickies you can. 

Vegan Quickies is the ultimate healthy 'lazy person' recipe book. 

But, don't worry, you won't be compromising taste or deliciousness with these recipes. 

They all have been hand selected and tested to ensure that not only are they delicious but as easy as 1-2-3! 

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Vegan Quickies inclues: 

1) 20 + Easy Vegan Recipes 

No spending hours in the kitchen just to cook dinner, I know your busy and got better things to spend your time on. 

These meals are simple and quick but still delicious. Or, they are meals you can pop in the slow cooker and kick back and watch your favourite show while you wait for dinner to cook itself. 

2) Recipes For Batch Cooking / Meal Prep 

Most of the meals in Vegan Quickies are suitable for meal prep, meaning you can save yourself even more time by preparing a few days worth of food at a time, then just reheating it as needed. 

3) Freezer Friendly Recipes So You Can ALWAYS Have Healthy Meals On Hand

Don't fall into the takeaway trap. With the Vegan Quickies recipe book you can prepare freezer friendly meals so you can keep back ups on hand for when you are short on time and literally have not time to cook! 

4) Oil Free Whole Food Plant Based Recipes 

The recipes in Vegan Quickies are oil free and follow the whole food plant based principles recommended by the leading plant based Drs like Dr Neil Barnard, Dr T Colin Campbell, Dr Joel Kahn, Dr Michael Klaper & Dr Garth Davis! 

5) Save $$$$ 

Meal prepping and making home cooked meals (instead of takeaway) always saves me $$. If you want to reign in your food budget having easy to cook meals you can prepare in bulk will literally be a lifesaver. 

Vegan Quickies has been designed to help you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying life. PLUS you can rest assured that you are eating healthy! 

Save yourself time in the kitchen and still eat healthy, with Vegan Quickies!

$14.97 USD*

*Price in USD

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