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The Smoothie Reset

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Drink your way to better health with Amanda Rose's Smoothie Reset 

Amanda Rose created the Smoothie Reset after receiving loads of questions from clients and followers about how to boost certain micronutrients, lose weight and how to detoxify. 

There are two ways you can use The Smoothie Reset. Firstly it is a smoothie recipe book with recipes designed around balancing hormones, reducing bloating, getting alkaline and getting more iron

The second way is as a one week smoothie detox plan. There is a smoothie meal plan at the end of the book which best sets out how you should have the smoothies over one week if you want to detoxify and reset your body. 

This is an instant download. Once you complete your checkout you will be sent The Smoothie Reset directly to your inbox. No waiting (yay)! 

You will receive: 

1) 25+ Delicious Smoothie Recipes 

No horrible pond water tasting smoothies here! All smoothies are delicious and packed full of goodness. Most also contain very common ingredients, and minimal expensive 'superfoods'. 

2) Recipes To Help You With Bloating, Hormones and More 

Amanda Rose has taken into account common issues such as bloating, and hormonal imbalance and designed smoothie recipes to help you improve these conditions. 

3) Smoothie Recipes For Energy 

Hands up if you would like a natural energy boost (without another cup of coffee). There are multiple smoothie recipes in The Smoothie Reset that will boost your energy levels. 

4) Protein Boosting Smoothie Recipes 

Worried about protein? There are multiple smoothie recipes in The Smoothie Reset that will help you boost your protein levels naturally and easily. So that you can train hard, shred & build nice muscle tone. 

5) Full Calorie & Macro Breakdown For Each Recipe 

If you are counting calories or macros, never fear... there is a full breakdown for each smoothie recipe so you can quickly calculate and make sure you are on track with your goals. 

6) Help You Save Time In The Kitchen  

Amanda Rose knows you are busy, and so by adding a smoothie or two to your daily routine, you can save time figuring out what to eat, prepping food and doing dishes. 

Drink your way to better health with The Smoothie Reset plan. 

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