One Off Coaching Call

One Off Coaching Call

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  • Feeling a bit stuck on your health and fitness journey and don't know what to do?
  • Need a virtual kick in the butt to get you back on track?
  • Just need someone to talk to so you can troubleshoot current health or fitness problems that are holding you back?

Then a one on one coaching call is the perfect place to start! 

Once booked, Amanda will email you out a questionnaire to complete prior to the appointment so that you can get the most out of your one hour of power with her. 

Some of the things Amanda can help you with are: 

1) Mindset around weight loss or exercise

The biggest barrier to your weight loss is you. Amanda will help you identify patterns or bad habits that are holding you back and provide you with in depth strategies so that you can finally make the progress you want. 

It all starts with the mind, so if you can get your mind under control, what you can achieve is limitless. 

2) Nutritional support and advice 

Don't know what you should be eating for weight loss or for health in general? Amanda will talk you through the best foods to eat, what you should be eating, when you should be eating, and general advice around eating a healthy plant based diet. 

*Note if you have a medical condition that requires specific advice Amanda will need to assess and possibly refer you to a specialist if it is outside the scope of advice she can provide  

3) Meal suggestions and recipes to suit your budget 

Don't want to spend a fortune at the supermarket? That's okay, Amanda can come up with budget friendly suggestions for you. 

Alternatively, if you do like to splurge on some organic superfoods, Amanda can point you in the direction of the ones that give you the best bang for your buck based on the goals you wish to achieve. 

4) Meals that suit your schedule 

Are you super busy, or hate cooking but still want to be healthy? That's okay... you don't have to be a five star chef to achieve results. Amanda will advise you on quick and easy meals that don't require hours in the kitchen. 

If it's too hard, you just won't stick with it. Let Amanda make things as easy as possible for you. 

5) Let Amanda remove the guesswork for you 

One of the hardest things about losing weight can be figuring out what is the best way to do it for YOU. 

There is so much information out there... it can get overwhelming. 

Let Amanda remove the guesswork for you, and cut through the information and give you a personalised plan of attack. You will feel clearer and have more direction at the end of the call. 

6) Supplements 

Do you need advice about supplements? Amanda can help guide you on what supplements you may need to take. 

7) Accountability and motivation

If you are working out and trying to lose weight all on your own sometimes it can be easy to let your motivation slip by the wayside. 

Booking a coaching call with Amanda can help you get some clarity and motivation back into your schedule leaving you feeling refreshed and like you've got this! 

8) BONUS ONE, access to my private Plant Based Babes community for ongoing general help and support indefinitely.

Join in the fun with all of the other Plant Based Babes. You will get indefinite access to this private community, even after your private coaching is up so you can still get first in line access to Amanda. 

9) BONUS TWO, your choice of Vegan Quickies, Don't Skip Dessert, The Fast Diet or The Smoothie Reset as a free bonus recipe book after your call. 

Choose one of Amanda's recipe books as a FREE BONUS when you sign up for a one one one call. 

*Price in USD - $110 USD