28 Day Vegan Shred
28 Day Vegan Shred
28 Day Vegan Shred
28 Day Vegan Shred
28 Day Vegan Shred
28 Day Vegan Shred

28 Day Vegan Shred

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You CAN lose stubborn unwanted body fat, gain lean muscle and have loads more energy while following a healthy plant based diet. 

The 28 Day Vegan Shred is a culmination of Amanda Rose's vegan nutrition experience and personal training. Amanda has owned her own gym and competed as a vegan bikini model with the IFBB.  

She is passing on her hard earned secrets to you, so you can short cut your results and achieve phenomenal changes in just 28 days. 

This is the best of the best. No wasting your time. This is a get-your-body-bangin'-NOW type of program you don't want to miss.

This is an instant download. Once you complete your checkout you will be sent the 28 Day Vegan Shred directly to your inbox. No waiting (yay)! 

You will receive: 

1) Full 28 day vegan meal plan 

The 28 Day Vegan Shred includes a full meal plan with recipes that quick, easy to prepare & are family friendly. You don't have to try figure out what to eat to see results, the 28 Day Vegan Shred plan gives you delicious meal options, that are designed to help you burn away unwanted body fat.

2) Full 28 day exercise plan

The 28 Day Vegan Shred includes a full exercise plan designed to help you shred unwanted body fat and build muscle tone. The exercises have been specially selected to give you maximum results in the minimum amount of time. There are options for both home and gym, so you don't need to spend extra money on a gym membership if you don't already have one. 

3) 28 Day Tracking Diary 

Keeping track of your workouts and food makes sticking to your plan super simple and easy. By keeping a log of what you are doing it helps you keep accountable, stay on track and motivated to keep going. The tracking diary is in PDF so you can easily download on your phone, tablet or laptop.

4) Goal Setting

Without goals you don't know what you are working toward and it can be harder to feel motivated. The 28 Day Vegan Shred includes a full goal setting exercise to get you set up for success. 

5) How to Create A Positive Mindset 

The 28 Day Vegan Shred has a dedicated mindset section to ensure you are set for success. Start with your mind and your body will follow. (Don't get this right and you are destined to yo-yo diet forever). 

6) Learn How to Create Mindfulness

Mindfulness can help you de-stress, focus, and is imperative to you seeing long term weight loss results. The 28 Day Vegan Shred especially has mindfulness tips to help you beat cravings once and for all.

7) Learn How To Ditch Addictive Foods & Beat Cravings 

In the 28 Day Vegan Shred we will show you how to eat so you can avoid addictive foods – this is the secret to being able eat as much as you want while losing weight!

8) Why You're Not Seeing Fat Loss Results 

During the 28 Day Vegan Shred we will help you get to the bottom of why YOU aren't seeing the results you want, and help you make the necessary changes so you can see permanent long lasting changing, and stop the yo-yo diet effect. 

9) Social Media Support 

Attention in social networks or email to answer any questions you may have during the challenge.


 As an extra special bonus, and to make sure you stay on track with your new lifestyle, you will get lifetime access to the private Plant Based Babes community. In the community we share new recipes, help keep each other motivated, plus you get insider access to secret projects and events. 

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