Don't Skip Dessert

Don't Skip Dessert

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Want to make healthy and delicious desserts, that not only taste totally amazing but are also good for you? 

Don't Skip Dessert was written by Amanda Rose after she realised that too many people were depriving themselves of simple joys (like dessert) while dieting. 

Most healthy vegan desserts are usually high in fat, but with Don't Skip Dessert Amanda wanted to share recipes with you that are quite macro-friendly, so there is definitely no reason for you to miss out on dessert while you are trying to lose weight (or be healthy). 

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You will receive: 

1) 30 Delicious Dessert Recipes 

30 delicious dessert recipes that you can easily make at home. From simple recipes, to more decadent there is sure to be many recipes for you to enjoy for all different tastes!  

2) Low Sugar & No Refined Sugar Recipes   

Don't Skip Dessert contains mostly refined sugar free or low sugar recipes, so you can enjoy them guilt free! 

3) No Oil Recipes 

If you follow a Whole Food Plant Based (WFPB) diet there are loads of oil free and refined ingredient free recipes that you can enjoy. Even if you want to be super healthy, you can still enjoy dessert, let me assure you! 

4) Macro & Calorie Breakdown For Each Recipe 

Each recipe contains a full calorie and macro breakdown, so if you count calories or macros you can work out how to fit a sneaky dessert into your day. 

7) Easy Snacks You Can Take To Work 

Stop those 3pm chocolate binges and take healthy dessert snacks to work instead. There are recipes for muffins, muesli bars and balls that you can keep in your desk for when you hit your afternoon slump. 

8) Kid Friendly Recipes 

Want the kids to eat healthy, but still want to treat them? You can let them enjoy these healthy desserts without worrying about them having too much sugar or artificial ingredients. 


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