Why Aren't I Losing Weight? (Part 2 of 3)


In part one of this blog series I looked at three common reasons you aren't losing weight (click here to check them out).

Those three, tend to be the most common reasons that people don't see the results they are hoping for. 

So make sure you check them out first. 

But if you are still stuck, and a bit confused - today's blog post might have the answer you are looking for! 

4. You're Not Being Honest With Yourself

This is a big one... and I hate to say it, but if you aren't seeing results SOMETHING you are doing is holding you back. 

It could be your diet, it could be your choice of exercise... 

It could be your choice of foods isn't right for you. 

It could be your mindset. 

But, if you aren't making progress there is something in your lifestyle right now that is stopping you from seeing changes. 

And you need to be honest with yourself to get to the bottom of it. 

You can't just have a woe is me attitude, or think that you are destined to never see progress. 

I used to think that way when I was overweight too... I used to think I was just destined to be bigger. 

It wasn't until I took complete ownership of where I was and committed to my results 110% that I managed to transform my body for good. 

  • I stopped fooling myself with quick fixes. 
  • I stopped telling myself I was too busy. 
  • I stopped giving up halfway through the week and saying, it's okay I'll just start again next Monday. 

I took complete ownership of where I was, and realised that my lack of results was on me. 

I realised that in order to get where I wanted to go, I needed to change and become the person I needed to be to get there and to sustain those results when I did reach my goal. 

I am still a lazy, junk food addict trapped inside a fit person's body lol.

But I do it for my health and happiness. 

And I have a constant battle with the 'old me' trying to come back... but I just have to remind myself how miserable the old me really was deep down. 

So, if you aren't where you want to be, think about where you are failing yourself. What can you do better?

What can you do so that you can reach your FULL POTENTIAL. 

I'm not talking about transforming into a body that is totally different to yours. 

I'm talking about becoming the BEST version of YOU. 

To become 100% accountable to yourself you need to assess where you are at right now. 

I know it is scary facing the truth... 

But knowing the truth will set you free. 

But first it will piss you off.  

So go over your diet... what are you eating? What are your portions like? Are you having a 'treat' every day? Are you eating too much junk on the weekends? Are you having a lot of processed or convenience foods? Are you making heaps of creamy, nut based sauces? Are you eating chocolate late at night after the kids go to bed?

Look for things that could potentially be handbreaks for your success. 

Do the same thing for exercise. 

Then formulate your plan of attack for how you are going to get yourself to your goals. 

This can feel daunting, and you might not have all the answers when you first start out. That is why having a plan to follow (like my 28 Day Vegan Shred) or some private coaching can really help you get clear and stay accountable to the changes you are making. 

But once you assess, be sure to take action right away. 

Action and momentum will get you results. 

Inaction and procrastination are a recipe for being unhappy and feeling dissatisfied. 

5. You Aren't Being Consistent 

Are you good for two weeks, then fall off the wagon for a couple. 

Then good for a month, and fall off the wagon again for a couple of weeks. 

This yo-yo could definitely be a major reason why you aren't seeing any weight loss. 

Not only is this "ALL IN" then "ALL OUT" bad for you mentally, it can also have impacts on your metabolism... making it harder to see results in the long run. 

Yes, we all have times where life gets in the way. 

Or we have an injury or illness so we need to step back. 

But consistency over the long haul is better than going hard, then not going at all. 

You should aim for consistency until you reach your results... with only a few minor tweaks or adjustments if you hit a plateau on the way to your results. 

Then, once you reach your goal you can play a bit with your diet and exercise (but word of warning if you are going to play with your diet or exercise you need to track and measure and be prepared to tighten things up quickly if you experiment doesn't work out). 

Now everyone has a different level of what consistency looks like for them. 

You might be a busy mum, who works... so you might be only able to manage three 30 minute workouts per week. 

So why aim for five, if you know you can only do three? 

You are setting yourself up to fail and fall off the wagon. 

Aim for the three, and if you do more... that's a bonus. 

Studies and metabolic testing actually shows that we burn very little calories when we exercise and more just surviving, thinking, going about our day to day life. 

So if you are busy, prioritise making your diet on point and then worry about exercise as a secondary. 

And, if you have to prioritise the type of exercise, something that will help you build or maintain muscle mass is ideal as muscle is metabolic tissue. 

Meaning, more muscle, the higher your metabolism will be... meaning your body will utilise more calories just going about your day to day life. 

But whatever you choose, stay consistent. Get into a routine, and create positive habits. 

That's what will give you long term, long lasting results. 

6. You've Built Some Muscle 

If you are weight training or doing some type of resistance exercise and haven't seen the scales go down in a couple of weeks, there is a good possibility you have built some muscle. 

This is why I always recommend doing measurements as well. 

Muscle per volume weighs more than fat. 

So you may be building a small amount of muscle at the same rate you are shedding body fat. 

And this would cause a decrease in measurements, but no movement on the scale. 

This is mainly seen in people who are training weights, calisthenics, pilates reformer, or crossfit. 

Progress pictures also can help you see changes in body composition that might not be showing up on the scale. 

You might have less cellulite and more muscle tone on your butt and thighs, you might have your oblique lines coming in through your tummy or your tummy pouch might have halved. 

These things can't be seen on a scale, but through measurements, how your clothes are fitting and transformation pictures you can see changes. 

So there you have it... three more potential reasons why you aren't losing weight. 

Part three of my blog series is out now... you can check that out by clicking here


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