Why Aren't I Losing Weight? (Part 1 of 3)

Losing weight can be a frustrating process. 

Especially if you hit a plateau or aren't seeing the results you thought you would. 

In my blog series this week, I am going to cover 9 of the most common reasons why you progress has stalled, or you aren't seeing results. 

That way you can troubleshoot your own weight loss and start making progress again! YAY! 

1. You Are Eating More Calories Or Food Than You Think 

If you are guesstimating your calories, portions or food it can be easy to over estimate the calories you are taking in. Especially if you are eating calorie dense foods like oils, nuts, fatty foods, sugary treats, raw desserts and more. 

Let me tell you a little story... 

My mum makes this killer vegan sticky date pudding. It is absolutely amazing. 

I have never worked out the calories on it, because it is a treat food that I have very rarely. 

The other day we did though... 

And guess what? 

In a 150g portion it has a whopping 684 calories!!

That's nearly half a day's calories in one tiny treat. 

Nuts are another thing that are very easy to overdo... As demonstrated in this video

And, this isn't uncommon. It's very easy to be dramatically underestimating your calories, especially if you do make your own treats, eat a few meals out or eat a bit of processed foods. 

It's also easy to be a sneaky picker and forget that you grabbed a couple of bickies when you went into the lunch room. 

But all of these do add up, and could be exactly what is holding you back from your progress. 

Now I'm not big on calorie counting, it can become consuming. But if you are at a loss as to why you aren't seeing progress, then taking the step to count and get a honest baseline (not just a guesstimate) is very helpful and could be the breakthrough you need. 

In this blog (CLICK HERE) I take you through how to calculate a good calorie baseline for yourself so that you can see results, without under OR over eating. 

Or, if you are stuck and can't work it out or need a plan that is specifically calculated to your needs, without you having to do any of the hard work.... my 28 Day Vegan Shred, private coaching or a personalised meal plan might be right for you. 

2. You Overdo It On The Weekends 

Somewhere along my journey, 9 years ago when I initially was losing 50lbs... I realised that I couldn't just 'be good' during the week and blow out on the weekends. 

I had hit a plateau and I knew, it was time to make a choice... either I could eat whatever I wanted on the weekend and stay about 20lbs (9 kilos) away from my goal. 

Or, I could sacrifice a couple of meals and see progress again. 

I chose my results... that's what I knew would make me happier long term. 

That's not to say I'm perfect every weekend. 

But most of the time I will only have one, maximum two free meals over a weekend. 

And I still will keep them healthy-ish... most of the time. 

It's easy to overeat on the weekends... a lazy breakfast on Sunday, brunch out, Pizza for dinner and snacks while you watch a movie, followed by ice cream. 

And all of a sudden you have eaten 3000 - 4000 calories, or more. 

So even if you eat the right calories all week, you have consumed more than double your caloric intake in 2 days... meaning you were only eating in a deficit for maybe three days that week (if you are lucky). 

And that's if you were eating perfect and didn't have any sneaky extras all week. 

So if you are overdoing it a bit on the weekends, it's time to make the choice - 

What do you want more? 

And if you are feeling frustrated or unsatisfied with your progress, I think that will give you your answer for what you need to do. 

3. You Are Always Stressed 

Sometimes it isn't that we aren't doing enough, it is that we are doing too much that can cause our weight loss to stall. 

If you are training hard day in day out, working a stressful job, possibly undereating with calories, always on the go, running on adrenaline... 

Maybe it's time to think about how you can do less. 

Layering stress on top of stress, is a recipe for disaster long term. 

High cortisol leads to retention of body fat and fluid, as well as muscle breakdown. Which is a disaster, especially for your metabolism (as muscle is metabolic tissue). 

You can totally change your body composition (not in a good way) by overdoing things, being stressed and having high cortisol. 

You need to have a balance and not be so hard on yourself. 

Not even elite athletes train without a break, they periodise their training leading into and out of competition. Or have an 'off season'. 

As much as exercise is really good for us, it is still a stress for the body. And if you are going through a lot of stress and then trying to do a lot of circuit, spin or HIIT style workouts eventually something will break. 

If you still want to stay active, try incorporating some more yin or steady state practices into your routine. 

Yoga, walking, hiking, standard old school bodybuilding and cut back on the hyper, high impact activities. 

Also incorporating some meditation can be helpful as that will allow you to better process and deal with stressors, taking some of the burden off. 

Along with minimising stress, you should also work on maximising sleep. 

But I will go more into sleep and recovery in a later blog ;) 

I hope you have enjoyed these tips... 

If you have something you are wondering if it might be holding you back from losing weight. Let me know in the comments and I will address it on Friday's blog :) 

PART TWO is live now... check it out here >> https://becomeaplantbasedbabe.com/blogs/news/why-arent-i-losing-weight-part-2-of-3


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