Vegan Tzatziki (with veggie sticks)

Hey everyone! 

I wanted to put together a super simple, easy and delicious recipe that you can have as an easy 'go to' snack when you are short on time. 

I have been very short on time this week, so I thought this was appropriate. 

Vegan Tzatziki (1 serve) 

150g natural coconut yoghurt 

1 tsp finely grated cucumber

2 tsp lemon juice 

2 tsp fresh dill 

1/4 tsp minced garlic 

6 carrot sticks (should roughly be one carrot) 

6 cucumber sticks (should roughly be 1/2 a cucumber) 

pinch of cracked black pepper 

pinch of sea salt 


  1. Put yoghurt into a bowl and mash it up. 
  2. Add in the lemon juice, dill, grated cucumber, garlic, pepper and salt. Stir very well. 
  3. Check the taste, add in a bit more lemon and/or dill if you need some more flavour. 
  4. Place into a serving bowl or into a container if you are prepping it. 
  5. Chop up your veggie sticks. 
  6. Serve, or save! 

You can also check out the video to watch me make it 


And there you have it, super simple, super cheap and delicious! 

You could also use on falafels, wraps, burgers and so much more. 

Hope you enjoy! 

If you do make the tzatziki let me know your thoughts and feel free to tag me on social media so I can give you a shout out. 

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And, if there is anything you would like me to put on my list to create for you... let me know in the comments! 


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