Turn Christmas Into Fitmas (Part 3 of 3)

Yay, it's now time for part 3 of my Fitmas blog series... 

The final installment in this series.

If you missed parts 1 and 2, you can check them out here

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Be sure to read through them first, as there are some epic tips in there to ensure you stay on track over the silly season.

But, if you already have let's waste no more time and get on with the final instalment. 

7. Get Enough Sleep 

Sleep is so important in helping us maintain homeostasis in our body.

Hormone regulation, stress, gut health can all be impacted by a lack of sleep. 

And not only that, our decision making ability when it comes to food is severely impacted when we are tired. 

Tired people consume more calories for energy. 

And most of those choices are high sugar and high fat (lollies, doughnuts, chips, chocolate) for that energy rush. 

This time of year it is common to feel pulled in a lot of directions, and have extra pressures and stress on you. 

Which can impact your sleep. 

Not to mention you may be doing extra hours at work, or taken on a Christmas casual job for some extra dollars. 

I get it, it can be tough. 

But try your best to get a good quality 6 to 8 hours sleep per night. 

Switch off screens at least an hour before bed, have a wind down routine to get yourself ready to fall asleep (shower, bedtime tea, meditation, chill out music can all help). 

Or listen to a podcast like the sleep with me podcast which is designed to help you fall asleep. 

8. Arrange Activity Catch Ups With Friends/Family 

Instead of doing a boozy brunch why not go on a bush walk? 

There are plenty of fun ways to catch up with friends and celebrate the festive season, without overdoing food and drinks. 

And, you might just have a bit of a laugh, or learn something new about yourself. 

Some great ideas are: 

  1. indoor rock climbing 
  2. play a game of tennis 
  3. surfing lessons 
  4. trapeze lessons 
  5. skateboarding 
  6. go for a bike ride 
  7. visit your local farmers market 

And so many more! 

Think outside of the box, think about things you have been wanting to do that haven't got around to it yet and get to it. 

9. Set A Big Goal For January So That Forces You To Have To Take Action 

For Christmas 2016, I had already started my Arnolds 2017 prep. 

So this helped me not binge, not blow out and make good choices over the holiday period. 

If you set some big goals for early the next year, you will be more likely to make good choices over the holidays. 

Don't wait for the new year to make changes. 

Nothing magic happens when the year ticks over.  Except there might be some fireworks lol. 

So start making good choices now to set yourself up on the right foot going into the new year. 

Have a think about some things you want to achieve in 2019... 

  1. do you want to run a 10km race?
  2. do you want to compete in a bodybuilding show? 
  3. do you want to do a Spartan Race or Tough Mudder? 

Whatever is important to you, think about it and start to create a plan on how you will achieve it. 

It is definitely a great way to help you stay on track and not just have a 'stuff it' moment over the holidays. 

If you have a goal, and you need help with a diet and exercise plan to help you achieve it. I can help you, find out more here

So there you go, 9 tips to help you stay in shape over the holidays. 

I hope you have enjoyed this series, and you now feel empowered to stay healthy and in control over this Christmas!



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