The Hardest Part….

The hardest part for me, when I knew I had to take control of my diet and exercise

For my overall health and fat loss

Was getting started

I stuffed around for about 4 months

Putting off what I knew deep down that I needed to do,

And trying the ‘easy’ options

Only, I just kept on putting on more weight

And feeling worse!

It wasn’t until I 100% realised that I needed to do the hard work, put a bit of effort in

To see the changes I wanted to see

I had to own my situation, and it was only once I owned my situation that I could make progress forward

Even so, getting started is still hard when you are in pain and fatigued every day

But what clicked for me mentally was that I was prepared to see this through

I wasn’t going to give up at the first speed bump

I was going to keep going, in spite of my stuff ups

Even if my progress was slow

Even if my weight didn’t budge for a week or two

I was prepared to stick it out

And do what was right….

Not what was easy

It took nine months

But when I hit my goal, that moment…

That moment was magic.

I just couldn’t even believe it.

I had made it.

Me…. who thought I would live in ‘that’ body for the rest of my life

Actually changed everything and could finally feel proud.

And you want to know the great thing,

I am not special.

So you are more than capable of making significant changes too.

If you want to know more about the diet I followed, or the exercise I did…

Stay tuned for my next posts, I’ll be sharing some interesting tips 😉

P.S. I also made this video about my transformation. If I can give just one person hope and inspiration that will make everything I went through worthwhile.


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