Staying Healthy On Holidays (Part 1 of 3)

Going on holidays can be a double edged sword, I have been on both sides of it…

In fact, it was after my holiday in Thailand and looking at those pics when I knew I needed to make some drastic physical changes. I cried when I saw how big I had gotten.

So I know what it feels like to have a holiday blow out then feel desperate to get back to you.

Of course it wasn’t all the holiday, but I did stack on 7 kilos in the 2 weeks we were there.

Now, what you do on holiday - is totally up to you - and what makes you happy. I’m not saying you have to be healthy on holidays, I’m not saying you can’t eat all the food and drink all the cocktails!

I’m just going to be giving you some of my top tips to help you stay healthy and fit on holidays IF you choose to.

Only, you can get really know what is best for you.

So this blog is for the people who want to stay healthy (or healthy-ish) on holidays!

  • 1. Be Prepared for the Travel
  • When we start our holiday, most of the time it will begin with a plane or car trip somewhere.

    This can mean convenience foods, and fast food restaurant pit stops.

    I personally like to stock up on an assortment of snacks for the trips. I will take fruit, dried fruit, nuts, popcorn, rice cakes with peanut (or nut) butter and even sometimes a meal that doesn’t require heating.

    When I travelled to the USA to compete I took my tofu, rice and asparagus on the plane!

    Of course you should ring and check with the airline, but I haven’t found one yet that won’t let me take food with me, as long as it is being consumed on the plane.

    Taking a few minutes to plan and prepare what you are taking for travel can really help you arrive feeling fresh and not all bloated and uncomfortable from the high sodium, low nutrition foods that are often served on planes, in airports and at service stations.

    I also try find the lounge when I am at an airport. Before I got lounge access on my velocity membership, I would find a lounge that you could pay to enter. For $30 - $40 you can get entry, access to showers, fresh foods, drinks, unlimited WIFI and more depending on where you are. And, when you think about how much money you would spend on food or drink in a food court, and WIFI, while you are waiting for your flight, it will most likely work out the same or only slightly more to access the lounge.

    2. Research Restaurants in the Area You Are Going To

    Wherever I am going, I always ask for recommendations and do a little bit of research into restaurants and cafes in the area.

    I like to use an app called Happy Cow to find out what the majority of the options are in that area. It is fairly extensive and covers a lot of areas. I have used it in Japan, Bali, Mexico, the UK and across all of the USA.

    The only place I have been to and not found an option was Cuba, but I couldn’t even get on the net anyway.  

    If you know what is in the area you are going to, you can avoid falling into the trap of having junk food every meal.

    You can space out your more junk foodie meals and put some healthier options in by alternating days.

    3. Find A Shop

    Another thing I like to do, is to find a shop - stock up on oats, fruit, dried fruit, nuts, popcorn etc for breakfast and snacks during the day, then just have dinner out every night.

    This is what I did when we were in the USA for our honeymoon, and also in Bali when I was doing a comp prep.

    I would keep my meals all throughout the day clean and healthy, then have something a little more decadent for dinner.

    This little trick will save you $$$ as well, as eating out three meals per day can get expensive.

    Part 2 is live now, you can check it out here -


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