Plant Based On A Budget (Part 3 of 3)

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Did you manage to check out Plant Based On A Budget part 2?? 

If you haven't had a chance to check that out yet you can do that here...

I covered some secret superfoods that you can buy on a budget... and why some just aren't necessary. 

I also shared some meal ideas for cooking in bulk and how buying in bulk can save you $$$. 

Today... let's look at some budget friendly beverages. 

So, there is one beverage that people should be drinking more of that costs you absolutely nothing. 

Do you know what it is...? 


I know it isn't exactly the most exciting thing... but in most cases you can get access to drinking water for free or if you are somewhere that doesn't have good quality tap water, you can install a filter, or use a filter water bottle. 

Plus it is what your body needs! 

If water is too boring, add a squeeze of fresh lime or lemon. 

You don't need to have expensive sports supplements, BCAAs, or any other drinks. 

Water is what our body has been designed to process and digest. 

So no need to waste money on expensive drinks - save $$$ and give your body what it needs. 

If you do need a bit of variety however, tea or coffee can be great budget alternatives. 

You don't need to get a fancy frappuccino, a basic coffee will save you calories and $$. 

Tea bags can be purchased for relatively cheap and tea can have a lot of benefits as well. Rooibos, Green Tea and Hibiscus are all delicious and healthy options. 

You can even make your own iced tea by brewing a hot pot and letting it steep and cool in the fridge overnight. Dr Michael Greger of has a really nice recipe on his site for a chilled hibiscus tea. You can check it out by CLICKING HERE

 I know plain coffee, tea and water aren't exactly as exciting as pina coladas... but they are a lot healthier aaaand a lot cheaper. 

Sodas, vitamin waters, sports drinks should all be considered luxury, every so often beverages... not ones that are consumed on a daily basis. 

That goes for diet sodas too. 

There is a growing body of research that has linked aspartame and artificial sweeteners to brain tumors, MS like symptoms and even though they don't contain 'calories' your body still responds to the sweet flavour like there was sugar in the drink. 

Kombucha also falls into the luxury category, as even though it is good for you... that shit is freaking expensive! That is, unless you are able to brew it yourself at home. Then, after you get your initial scoby and starter kit up and running you should be able to keep it going indefinitely. 

So re-think your drinks and not only will your health (and your waistline) benefit... but you will save yourself dollars. 

Speaking of saving yourself dollars... if you are constantly getting takeaway and thinking you are saving money - I bet you aren't. 

Even getting cheap meals at fast food joints you will still be spending more than if you shopped smart and prepared meals in bulk. 

I know it takes a little more time and effort to plan ahead and meal prep than it does to pull into a drive thru on the way home. 

But your health, your (long term) happiness and your body is worth that time. 

If you are on a budget preparing your own nourishing meals is so important. The meals you get from a takeaway are not nutritious and if you try survive off them for too long, you will develop deficiencies. 

So even if it seems like a bargain short term, long term you will have days (even weeks of work) with illness, medical expenses, blood tests, pain and suffering. 

I know - I have lived off takeaway. I kicked off each working day with a coffee and a redbull, would get some chips for lunch, then go through a drive thru on the way home. This worked for awhile, but I just kept getting fatter and sicker (even though I wasn't eating all that much... just the wrong kinds of foods) and eventually I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had a lot of days off work and eventually had to quit my job because I couldn't keep up with the hours or travel (I had a 2 hour commute).  Plus I needed time to get my life back. 

I don't want to see you go through that. 

So please, prioritise eating healthy, nutritious homemade meals. Yes they may take a little bit longer to prepare. But your health and quality of life is so worth that little bit of time. 

So I hope you have enjoyed this series on eating plant based on a budget. 

Remember - When all else fails... the two cheapest foods anywhere are beans and rice. Get yourself some greens on sale and some taco spice and you have a nutritious meal. Yes, it may not be exciting.... but it will be nutritious and sustain you. 

Going back to basics and not deriving so much satisfaction from food can help us find more satisfaction, joy and happiness in other areas of our life. 

And whenever I have to eat plain (but healthy) food I just remind myself how good it is for my body and how lucky I am to be able to eat something that is going to give me good health. 

It's just a matter of changing your thoughts around food. 

I would love to hear your questions about eating plant based on a budget in the comments below! 


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