My Top 5 Vegan Podcasts

I can’t tell you how much I love podcasts!

I have literally learnt so much since I started listening to podcasts about 3 or 4 years ago.

Truth be told, I usually put them on as I am going to sleep….

So it can literally take me a few days to listen to a whole podcast lol.

Here is a list of my top 5 vegan themed podcasts:

The Rich Roll Podcast ( – there is no denying how inspiring the RRP is! Rich is an avid story teller and I love how he interacts with guests on his podcast. Guests have ranged from the ultra inspiring David Goggins & Charlie to pretty much every plant based Dr that has been in practice. By the end of each episode of the RRP I always leave feeling inspired or that I have learned so much!

When Life Gives You Lemons Go Vegan ( – I was really lucky to be one of Corinne’s very early podcast guests. Corinne does an amazing job of helping guests share their vegan health transformations in a way that inspires and motivates the audience. Most of her guests are just regular people (like me) who happen to have a remarkable transformation.

Heart Doc VIP with Dr Joel Kahn ( – Dr Joel Kahn’s podcast is extremely informative and contains a wide variety of health based vegan information. Not only does he pack punches on twitter, but his podcast is also very frank and to the point, which I love.

The Plant Based News Podcast ( – Robbie does an amazing job of interviewing some inspiring and amazing vegans from all walks of life. From Ingrid Newkirk of PETA to Gaz Oakley (Avant Guard Vegan) to Tim Shieff from Ninja Warrior UK to Dr Klaper & Dr Pam Popper. The variety of guests shows the diversity of veganism. Earlier episodes do sound more like a news report, but I love the new conversational interview episodes that Robbie has been putting out.

No Meat Athlete Radio ( – From educational and instructional podcasts to interviews with people like Ray Cronise, Rip Esselstyn & Dan Buettner this podcast has a lot of variety for the health conscious vegan.

There are loads more vegan podcasts that I am dying to sink my teeth into and listen to. Plus I would love to hear your faves.

Also… wink wink I would love to be a guest on some vegan centered podcasts if you know anyone looking for a guest 😉 😉

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