Make Your New Year's Resolutions Stick (Pt 2 of 3)

Welcome to part 2 of my Make Your New Year's Resolutions Stick series. 

If you haven't checked out part 1 yet, make sure you do here:

I highly recommend reviewing part 1 first, as there are some excellent tips that will help you set a strong foundation, whether you are setting New Year's Resolutions, or reviewing your goals at any later stage. 

If you have read through those, it's time to move onto tip no. 3.... 

3. Don’t Try Change Everything At Once

Again, some people can make drastic changes in a short period of time.

Either there is a life altering event that makes them wake up, or they just get to a point where they are that fed up that enough is enough and they are ready to do whatever it takes.

But even then, there is usually some kind of process before that moment that prepares them for the massive amount of change that they need to undertake.

For example, when you have a baby, you have nine months to kind of mentally prepare for things to be different, even though you don’t know exactly what those changes will be, you know that there will be drastic changes and so you start to ready yourself.

So if you are someone who doesn’t exercise, eats takeout most nights of the week, and likes to party every weekend, then there will be some mental and physical preparation that will need to go into you becoming the five day per week gym bunny, that drinks green smoothies and goes to yoga on the weekends.

Of course it can be done. I have done it, and so many others have too, you just need to be prepared for the challenges, the adversity and the “Is it even going to be worth it” or even worse the “I can’t” voice that will pop up along the way.

If you don’t like exercise, have a busy work schedule and maybe even a family that you have to look after, don’t set yourself up to fail by aiming for 6 gym sessions per week, only eating salads and soups and totally quitting your social life.

Start out with small but impactful changes. Some ideas are….

  1. Get up 40 minutes earlier and go for a walk, or get a stationary bike for your home and ride on it.
  2. Get to the gym, or a class, two or three times per week.
  3. Get rid of 80-90% of the processed and junk foods in your house.
  4. Meal prep a couple of meals in advance for the week.
  5. Stop drinking, except for special events. (No, the weekend doesn’t count as a special event lol)
  6. Make up enough food for leftovers to take for lunch the next day.
  7. If you have an office job, get up and stretch and go for a walk around for 5 minutes at the end of every hour.
  8. Drink more water. 

Then once you are in a new routine and it feels second nature, you can then add more IF you need to.

You might find that just by doing a few of these smaller things, you have made the changes you needed to so you can see the results you want.

You may have been drastically overestimating what you actually needed to do to see the progress you wanted.

But if you do feel like you want to, or need to add in more, it’s not such a leap from your starting point. You have already started the process, so it’s easier to build on it.

Athletes weren’t built in a day, to get to that level it takes years of mental and physical conditioning.

So why try make things hard for yourself?

Again, if you make it easier for yourself and you enjoy the process along the way, you will find it much easier to stick with long term.

4. Only Pick Resolutions You Feel Compelled To Do

There is no point making a resolution for the sake of making a resolution.

If it isn’t compelling for you, you won’t stick with it.

Don’t do something just cause someone said, or cause you feel like you should for whatever reason.

You have to do it for you.

You have to do it because you know that if you don’t you will look back and regret it.

You have to do it because you know that you are miserable now, and by not making this change you will keep on feeling shitty.

You have to do it because you know you deserve the happiness and fulfillment that will come with working toward something you really want.

There are no right or wrong answers pretty much in life. And if your actions aren’t hurting someone else, then you keep doing you.

But if you are feeling unhappy, if you are feeling like you know you are destined or capable of more, then work out what it is that you want or need and work toward that.

The hard work will seem less hard, the struggle will be worth it and you won’t feel like giving up (as much) if it is something you truly feel called to do.

Don't waste your time on things you feel like you "should" do. Get to know what you really want, own it, and work on making it happen!

So that's it for Part 2, part 3 is live now... 

You can check it out here -

If you have any questions so far, or need something clarified... hit me up in the comments... I'll be happy to help! It's what I am here for :) 


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