Make Your New Year's Resolutions Stick (Pt 1 of 3)

New Year’s Resolutions

A lot of people make them, not a lot of people stick with them.

By now, if you did make one you are probably starting to feel a little tested, or maybe you might even be close to giving up. 

Which is why I thought it would be the perfect time to drop this blog series. 

Cause I don't want you to give up, I don't want you to fail. 

I want you to make YOUR DREAMS YOUR REALITY!

I am proof that a good resolution with dedication and commitment to change CAN WORK.

Nine years ago, I decided enough was enough it was time to make some serious changes to my health and fitness.

Having tried all the cabbage soup diets, rapid detoxes, eating only salads, lemon detox diets and more

It was time to do something real, something permanent.

No matter what it took.

I was fed up, and I it dawned on me - that these gimmicks were only making me more miserable, put on more weight and feel like shit.

As much as I hated exercise, I knew that I was going to have to get back into it.

I took the time leading up to the New Year’s period to mentally prepare myself for what was going to be ahead.

To be ready and strong enough to silence my inner voice that I knew would pop up along the way to tell me there was no shame in giving up if it got tough.

And I did it, I lost over 50lbs and totally transformed the course of my life.

And if you want it, you can do it too. I’m not special, I don’t have amazing will power or determination.

I’m boringly average, I hate running, I like chocolate and pizza.

But, I just knew what I wanted for myself, and I knew I just had to find some peace and happiness within myself.

We only get one life, one body and mine was turning to shit and I was only in my 20’s.

So I knew I had to create change and do the work.

Research has shown that a mere 8% of people who make resolutions actually succeed and fulfil their resolution. That number is quite frightening, considering research also shows that approximately 62% of people make resolutions.

So what is the difference between making a resolution that will stick, or ending up as a statistic and not really seeing any progress again for the next 12 months?

Here are my top tips

1. Set realistic resolutions

Nothing “magic” happens when a new year ticks over.

Sure you might feel that extra bit hopeful and motivated because of the new year.

You are probably also in a more relaxed mood and either been on holidays, or just had some time off work.

But you are still the same person, unless you actively work at changing yourself… which is challenging and takes time.

Most people don’t wake up one day and decide to be a different person.

Sure, there can be life events that totally transform someone’s mindset, but usually it is a process of discovery, learning, challenges and adversity that helps people grow and evolve.

So while you may have all the best intentions in the world, unless you are prepared for the tough times which will inevitably follow, then you will most likely fail.

The bigger the goal, usually the bigger the struggles.

So, if you are self aware and know that you have a history of stopping, or giving up, and have struggled a lot in the past. Don’t set as audacious goals.

That’s not to say you will never accomplish something big in the future.

No, it’s actually the opposite.

Once you start accomplishing smaller goals, it usually has a snowball effect. You feel so good, you feel better, you feel more successful that subsequent goals quite often become a lot easier.

2. Realise It Will Probably Take Longer Than What You Think To Reach Your Goal

This is a big one, and it is an easy trap to fall into.

Yes, you can achieve big things in a short period of time, but permanent change takes time.

You might be able to lose 22 lbs in 12 weeks, but is that 12 weeks long enough for your mindset to have changed to enable you to maintain those results for good?

For me, it took me about 9 months to lose 50lbs. I had a lot of ups and downs along the way.

I thought, when I set out that it would take me about 5 months, but I knew that I had no ‘end date’ in mind and this had to become a way of life.

I was prepared for it to be a permanent change.

So when the 5 month mark came and went, and whenever I had a setback, I didn’t feel like a failure cause I knew that this was my new lifestyle and I was doing it no matter what.

So often we overestimate what we can achieve in a day, week or month, and underestimate what we can do in a year, or two years.

That’s not to say it will take a year, or two.

But you have to be okay with that process.

It doesn’t make you a failure if it takes longer than expected. It makes you human.

What is most important is that you keep working, and keep striving toward what is important to you, what makes you happy and fulfilled. And, find happiness in that process.

It’s easy to stick with something if it makes you happy.

They are my first 2 tips for making your resolutions stick.  Part 2 is now live and you can see it here:


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