Intro To Intermittent Fasting (Part 1 of 3)

Welcome to Intermittent Fasting (IF) week! 

This is going to be a three part series on common problems, questions & struggles when it comes to Intermittent Fasting and how you can overcome them. 

Intermittent Fasting has become a bit of a buzz word lately and there have been some people achieving just outstanding results following an IF protocol. 

But I have seen some people try it out and it not work. 

They have put on weight, are constantly hungry, and feel low in energy. 

So how come most people who try IF absolutely love it, and then there are a few who just can't make it work?

Today I'm mainly going through some of the common problems people run into with IF.

We will then be discussing in more detail in mine & Matt's groups - 

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On Wednesday, in part 2 we will put more pieces of the puzzle together after everyone has had the chance to complete their download plan (see the bottom of this blog). 

And on Friday, in part 3 I will reveal the exact plans you can follow to do IF successfully long term. 

So today.... common problems 

1. The Wrong Strategy 

A big key is having the right strategy and the right meal plan for during your eating window. 

Simply "skipping breakfast" will not help you lose weight. You need to have the right calorie strategy and right meal plan strategy to ensure that you are able to see long term changes and results. 

IF isn't a license to just eat what you feel like during your feeding window. It is part of a bigger strategy which should support you to reach your goals. 

So if you are doing IF and it isn't helping you get to the goal you want to achieve - then your overall strategy is wrong. 

You could be eating too many calories (or too little), your macros and micros may be out of whack, you may be doing too much exercise, too little exercise, or the wrong kind. 

It's so hard to give a 'one size fits all answer' as everybody's health history is different, age is different, metabolism is different, diet is different.... 

But if you just can't work it out.... getting some more in depth personalised help would be a sensible next step for you. 

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result...

So if you aren't seeing changes and you keep trying, then getting some help could be the key to finally seeing permanent changes. 

2. Sticking To A Consistent Window 

A lot of people seem to have difficulty picking a consistent window and sticking to it. 

Whether they do shift work and so they have an erratic schedule, or live totally different lives on the weekends as compared to weekdays, picking a schedule you can follow long term can be tough. 

The important key here is to practice self assessment. Realise that everything is in constant change and that something that worked a month ago, may not be right now. 

There is no right or wrong answer, only what is right for you at any given point in time. 

But if you want results, sometimes you have to be a little bit stricter and tougher on yourself and be firm with your window. 

If I'm in a pickle and I need to eat outside my usual window, I will adjust feeding time down, and fasting time up - cause usually the foods that you 'have' to eat outside your window will be dinner out, morning tea at work for someone's b'day etc, so they are quite calorie dense. 

3. Picking or Being Tempted by Food Outside Your Window

What happens if you have to cook or prepare food outside your eating window? 

Again, this comes down to discipline. 

This is why a lot of people struggle to lose weight, even if they aren't following IF. All this 'secret eating'. Picking on food does add up! 

Doing IF can really help you become aware of extra calories you are consuming, that you aren't necessarily mentally tracking. 

So when you say you eat healthy and not very much, but are having a few extra nuts here, a few spoonfuls of meal prep while you are making it, a couple of sweets as you pop them in the kids lunch box.... 

All of a sudden you could be eating an extra 200-300 calories per day and not even realising it! 

IF has just helped you become more mindful about your food. 

This isn't a bad thing, it's very good... now you just need to get yourself out of your habits of picking. 

4. What Can You Have In Your Fasting Window 

I hate to be the barer of bad news, but if you want to get the true benefits of a fast - water or sparkling water are your best friends. 

I actually enjoy sparkling water as it gives you a fuller feeling. 

Black coffee, black tea, or unsweetened green tea are all okay too. 

Remember, you want to maximise the benefits you are getting from your fast. 

Unless you have a medical condition, going 16 hours without food (with most of them being sleeping hours) is not going to negatively impact you. 

Your body is only sending you hunger signals out of habit, not because you are truly starving (again unless you are pregnant or have a medical condition - in which case you will need to talk to your Dr to see if IF is for you).

If you are consistent with following your IF window, and eating the right foods for a week or two, you will notice your hunger pattern shifts and you will have loads of energy before you break your fast. In fact, sometimes I will even push my window a little longer if I am in the zone with energy before I break my fast. 

5. Where To Start 

If you are brand new to IF and haven't been introduced to the idea before... WELCOME! IF can be a really great way to get excess kilos off, help with energy levels, mental clarity, help with digestive issues such as bloating and IBS. It also gives your body more time to work on repair/clean up, rather than always being in a process of digesting food. 

This download is going to be a great place to start. 

I recommend everyone download it & post up any questions in the groups I mentioned above. 

If you are a 'brand newbie' and you need help with your eating window, just sing out in the group. 

I also made this video of my Top Three Mistakes I see when people get started with IF...

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