How To Write Your Own Exercise Plan (part 1 of 2)

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Welcome to another blog... 

In this blog series I am going to be teaching you how to write your own exercise plan. 

Knowledge is power, and if you don't have the spare $$ to get a PT or have me do a personalised plan for you, then me showing you how to write your own plan is the next best thing!

So if you have a little time to work through this, you can write a successful exercise plan that will give you results in the gym, as long as you put the effort in 😉

Let's get started 

1. Begin With Th End In Mind 

Before you get started, you need to know what you want to achieve. If you don't think about the outcome you want with your plan, you could waste weeks, or months not seeing any progress and getting frustrated by your lack of results. 

No point running every morning if your goal is to build a booty! 

So think, what do you want to achieve.

If you want to be lean and toned - weights, yoga and pilates are some good options. 

If you want to build your booty or shoulders - you will definitely need to do some heavier resistance exercises. 

If you want to be able to run a marathon - you will obviously need to do running and some cross training exercises. 

It's hard for me to cover every scenario in a blog - so let me know in the comments what your specific goals are and I can make some suggestions. 

2. How Often Can You Commit?

It's important that you set your self up for success with designating the days you are going to exercise. 

There is no point saying "I'm going to train six days per week" if you can realistically only manage three. 

Yes you should push yourself to do the maximum you can do. 

But you shouldn't break yourself, or overwhelm yourself by overcommitting. 

It is better to aim for four and do five, than it is to aim for six and do five. 

Even though in both scenarios you did five sessions, psychologically doing better than what you expected gives you a winning feeling, which helps create motivation and momentum. 

So be realistic, and if you can squeeze extra sessions in one week, then that is fantastic. 

3. Work Out Your Split 

So now you have your goal in mind, and how many sessions you can commit to, you need to work out how you will divide your sessions up. 

  • What days will be cardio days?
  • What days will be leg days?
  • What days will be upper body days?
  • Or is your time limited and you need to do full body sessions? 

I'll give you my example from what I am doing now that I have limited time with a newborn and am just slowly easing myself back into the gym. 

Monday - walking (30 - 50 minutes) 

Tuesday - gym (full body) 

Wednesday - walking & body weight / stretching 

Thursday - walking (30 - 50 minutes) 

Friday - walking & body weight / stretching 

Saturday - gym (full body)

Sunday - REST DAY 

So have a think about what you can realistically do. I'm going to do my heavy resistance exercises when I am at the gym and my light resistance exercises when I am at home to get a good mix of both. 

I hope you have enjoyed these first three tips, part 2 is live here -

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below... or in the Facebook group


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