How To Transition to A Plant Based Diet (Part 3 of 3)

Welcome to part 3 of the How to Transition to a Plant Based Diet series. 

If you haven't checked out part 1 or part 2 yet.... make sure you do, as there is a lot of helpful, introductory information in those posts. Including, what supplements you should take, how to plan meals so you don't get deficiencies, and why you need to be kind and patient with yourself while you transition. 

You can check out part 1 here -

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Once, you have checked those blogs out, you are ready for part 3! 

First up in part three is your plant based shopping list. 

You can download that here... 


Want to know exactly what food to buy when you go plant based?

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This shopping list is a general overview of lots of great foods that you can choose at the supermarket when you transition to a whole food plant based diet. 

It includes examples of carbs, proteins and fats, so you can know what to eat to ensure you hit your macronutrient goals. 

Obviously, it is very general - cause I just want you to have a rough idea of what to buy. 

If you need more specifics, you need recipes and meal plans to be able, so you know exactly what you buy is going to go into what you are making. 

I have loads of different recipe books on my site , including a smoothie recipe book, healthy dessert recipe book, transition recipe book and a 28 Day Vegan Shred recipe book and program. 

A shopping list is a great place to start so you can get an overall idea of what to buy - but you also need to know what to cook or prepare. 

There's no point wasting money on items that will just sit in your fridge or cupboard and not get eaten cause you don't know what to do with them. 

So I always say, especially when you are transitioning, it is great to have a meal plan and recipe book to follow. 

It can be time consuming tracking down suitable recipes online and working out your meal plan all on your own. Last week I did a blog series on how to put together your own meal plan, and to make your own nutritionally balanced one, tailored to your personal goals could take you up to 15 hours when you are first starting out! I don't know about you, but if you are working full time, have a family and still want to have a life... finding an extra 15 hours per week to work out a meal plan when you are first starting out may be a bit of a stretch. 

Having something to follow when you first starting out, allows you to learn by doing. Then, as you get more used to your new way of eating, you can start to experiment. 

My Transition and 28 Day Vegan Shred bundle gives you 2 months worth of recipes and meal plans... so you don't have to think about what you are going to make for a whole 2 months. You can just follow the plan! That will give you enough time to familiarise yourself with plant based eating, learn some of the tips and tricks AND you get access to our private online support community so you can ask as many questions as you need to ensure you feel confident in your new plant based lifestyle! If you want to find out more about this you can CLICK HERE

There are lots of other wonderful whole food plant based recipe books and sites that you can check out too. 

I was also lucky enough to be one of 80 contributors to the Spud Fit Cookbook. Andrew 'Spud Fit' lived off potatoes for a whole year, and has since been on the Rich Roll podcast and on international news. Other contributors to the book include the James Aspey, Chef AJ, Dr Joel Kahn, Dr Garth Davis, Dr Michael Greger and High Carb Hannah! It is available for pre-sale now and you can find out more information here -

Another site I like is Oh She Glows. Her foods are primarily whole food plant based, although she does use oil... something I like to avoid. After presenting with Dr Michael Klaper last year, and seeing his research into the impact of oil, I tend to not use oil at home when I cook. That way, if I do grab something fried as a once off while I am out, it's not so bad. It can be tricky to adapt recipes to oil free as you have to learn what will work in the recipe. If it's just oil to cook in you can substitute for stock or water, but when the recipe calls for oil as an ingredient, it can be trickier. 

Also, some of her recipes do call for exotic or expensive ingredients. I tend to keep most of my recipes super simple. Some are a little more fancy, but there are always easy, cheap options. 

Adapting recipes isn't always easy... and that's why having a plan with specific recipes can really help in the beginning. 

It helps you start to learn what some good options are that avoid sugars, oil, artificial ingredients etc. 

And you can learn that eating healthy REAL food is not boring... and you don't have to add in all the shit for a delicious meal. 

You also don't have to spend a lot of money when you go vegan. In fact some of my cheapest meals are the most delicious! 

In this video I run through some of my cheap staples which you can get at any basic supermarket and how to put them together in meals. 

*Note prices are in $AUD so chances are... if you don't live in Australia, it will actually probably be cheaper!  


You can make vegan expensive if you go for the mock meats, mock cheeses, yoghurts, ice creams and processed foods. 

When I first transitioned... those options weren't really available, so it was easy to be a healthy vegan, you could only be plant based. 

Unless you liked the taste of old socks then there was one particular 'cheese' called cheesly that you might have liked lol! 

So if you stick to healthy whole foods, you will find that your shopping bill will be much cheaper. 

There is literally so much I can talk about when it comes to going plant based... but I have tried to keep this condensed, simple and as general as possible - so I can help as many people as possible. 

If you have specific questions, please leave a comment below... I have been doing this for over 8 years now, and so if I don't know the answer I will at least know where to find it! 

I always love helping people out as they transition to a healthier, happier way of living. 

I leave you with this last video on why you should transition to a plant based diet! 

Enjoy x





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