How To Stop Overeating (Part 3 of 3)

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Hope you have had an amazing week :) Today, I am taking you through the third and final part of my blog series - How To Stop Overeating. 

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Now, let's do this! Onto my final tips. 

7. Reduce Stress & Increase Sleep 

When you are stressed and sleep deprived you tend to overeat to compensate on energy. 

There is research that shows someone who is sleep deprived will eat an extra 400 calories per day on average. 

Add that up over an entire week, and you can overeat 2,800 calories or nearly an extra two days worth of food!! 

I know, sometimes this is easier said than done. 

But there are some simple ways you can reduce your stress levels and improve your sleep quality. 

  • Find time to meditate every day, even if it is just five minutes. This will help you detach from stretch and get centred. 
  • Journal every day. Getting things out can help you feel more organised, less stressed and if you have a tendency to overthink (like me) by doing a brain dump you can rest easy cause you know you have important things written out and you aren't just relying on having to remember. 
  • Have screen free time before bed. 
  • Get in a wake up / bed time routine to promote sleep habits.
  • Go for a fasted morning walk when you first get up to promote proper cortisol regulation throughout the day. 

If you can't get more sleep, or get a less stressful job, then by incorporating a couple of these stress and sleep management activities into your day you will notice improvements in your stress levels and that should have a positive effect on your eating habits. 

8. Drink More Water 

Water is an extremely under utilised weight loss 'supplement' and you can get it for free! 

Our body can often mistake dehydration for hunger and so we can end up overeating. 

There have also been studies done where participants would drink a glass of water about 20 to 30 minutes before eating. On average, people who drank the glass of water before eating lost 15.5lbs over the course of 12 weeks, while those who didn't, on average lost 11lbs. It may not seem like a lot but I'd take the extra 4lb loss! 

So instead of your first instinct when you 'feel' hungry to reach for a snack, try reaching for a glass of water and waiting 20 to 30 minutes before you then eat something (if you still feel hungry). 

I know, I know, water isn't as exciting as a fizzy drink. 

But it is exactly what our body needs. 

Our body evolved on water... not on soda. 

I never used to be a water drinker either. I loved coke, coffee, red bull. 

But when I was drinking them every day, I actually felt like shit. I needed a coffee to wake me up from the red bull crash I was having, then I needed a coke to wake me up from the coffee crash. 

As soon as I started drinking more water and eating right I started to feel energetic and GOOD! 

I still drink coffee, but I stick to standard one per day. 

I very, very rarely (maybe like 3 times a year) drink a coke now...

And I can't even remember the last time I had a red bull.

So if you are overeating, and then topping up your overeating calories with sugary soft drinks it makes it a tough cycle to break. 

But just start, and challenge yourself to see how many days you can go before you have a soft drink again. Then when you have one, restart your total and try beat the last time. 

I promise you, it does get easier and, if you stick with it (like I did) you can become one of those people that crave water (like I do now). 

9. Stop Rewarding Yourself With Food 

I fell into this trap a bit when I first was starting to train. I went to the gym and worked hard, so I deserved a treat. 

The problem with this mentality is that quite often the amount of food you eat as your treat, will well and truly outweigh the amount of calories you burn working out. 

With the evolving studies on metabolism we are starting to learn that your metabolism doesn't actually go up too much when you work out. Nor do you burn as many calories as you think you are. 

If you are burning 200 calories during a work out, but then go have a burger and ice cream cause you worked hard (about 600 calories) you are actually ending up in a surplus of 400 calories! 

If you really want results, you need to be smart with your food and not try justify eating more because you worked hard. 

I know it's tough, but you need to find a smarter way to reward yourself. 

Having a plan and a structure to follow is one of the easiest ways to make sure that you are on track with your goals and not rewarding yourself with unnecessary foods. 

If you want to learn how to create your own meal plan, I have a whole blog series dedicated to working out your perfect plan. You can access that by clicking here

If you want help with a plan, my 28 Day Vegan Shred is a full 28 day meal plan designed for fast fat loss. You can find out more about that by clicking here

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Having a plan and a strategy that you can adhere to will help you say "NO" to extra treats. 

The reward is seeing your results, the reward is feeling more energetic, the reward is your health and feeling and looking better. 

The reward is not blowing all your hard work on a pizza that will be all but forgotten in 20 minutes. 

That's not to say you should never treat 'yo self. I do at least once per week

But you do have to be smart and strategic about it if you want results and want to transform your body and your mindset and relationship with food. 

I hope this week's series has helped you with any of your overeating tendencies. 

I know these tips really helped me when I was stuck and trying to overcome my bad habits. 

I am not perfect now, but I am soooo much better than what I was! 

And it's not about being perfect, it is always about doing your best. 


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P.P.S. Remember I am not a psychologist so if you do need more help with any disordered eating please seek professional advice.

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