How To Set Up Vegan Macros For Fat Loss (Pt 3 of 3)

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Welcome to part 3 of my how to set up macros for weight loss blog series. 

If you haven't seen part 1, you should definitely check that out first -

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This blog series does have a step by step logical order, so it is important to read through part 1 and 2 first, otherwise this won't make sense!

Once you have read through both of those, you are now ready for part 3. 

7. Recap and Revise

At the end of the first month review your results. How has your progress been? How has your body felt? Are you leaning out in all the right areas?

Keep following your goals until you hit a plateau, a genuine plateau, ie. you don’t make any progress for at least 2 to 3 weeks. This means your measurements haven’t gone down, your body fat hasn’t gone down and your weight hasn’t gone down.

If your measurements are going down, but your weight isn’t - it sounds like you could be building some more lean muscle, which is great for your metabolism.

Intracellular water, muscle glycogen, water retention, digested and undigested food can also account for nominal or no changes on the scale. So that’s why I don’t just recommend going off weight, or getting worried if the scale hasn’t dropped in a week.

If you do hit a genuine plateau, it’s time to revise.

Work out your new baseline based off your current calorie intake and then work out your new small deficit and new macronutrient intakes.

This should be enough to kickstart your progress again.

8. Adjusting Your Macronutrients

Will you need to adjust your macronutrients?

I wish I had an answer for you, but I unfortunately don’t.

It may be necessarily, but it probably won’t be for 9 out of 10 of you.

But there may be someone who does benefit from a bit more protein, a bit more fat, or a few less carbs.

But it is always hard to say who that person will be.

This is when you would need to get specialised help and go into your specific needs in a lot more detail.

If you do need extra help, I am here. You can find out more about how I can tailor a program to you here.

9. A Word Of Warning

When setting up your daily calories, please be very careful not to eat below your BMR.

This can lead to other problems down the track, suck as hormonal issues, thyroid issues, microbiome issues, hair falling out, breakouts and nutrient deficiencies.

In This Blog I shared with you how to work out your BMR.

If your calories are far too low, you will need to do some work to build up your metabolism to give yourself wriggle room to cut.

If it is done right, this shouldn’t result in weight gain, and in fact if you have been chronically undereating, your body may start to thrive on the extra calories and nutrients and you will still notice weight loss right away.

Yes, you can “dirty bulk” but this has a whole other range of side effects, including fat gain, hormone issues, gut microbiome changes and can play into sugar cravings and food addictions.

It is better to have a balanced strategy to metabolism building.

No matter what strategy you have for fat loss, you should be able to maintain it long term.

Tracking macros and calories might be something you do to learn more about you, more about your body and get a better handle on your food intake.

I usually track when I am prepping for a show.

But you can apply those same principles to everyday life, cause I know once I started tracking I became a lot more mindful about my food intake, stopped mindlessly snacking and it helped me break some of my bad habits.

I can also now eyeball a lot of meals and get them pretty bang on the right calorie requirements.

But that took me 5 competitions to be able to do.

Tracking macros isn’t for everyone, but it certainly can be worthwhile if you invest the time and energy into doing it properly.

Let me know if this has helped you out, or if you still have further questions in the comments below. 

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