How To Set Up Vegan Macros For Fat Loss (Pt 1 of 3)

This week I am going to be taking you through how to set up YOUR macros for fat loss. 

Macros aren’t necessarily a one size fits all approach, and there can be some minor nuances from person to person.

But this process can help you learn more about your body and really get in tune with it, so even if something ends up being slightly different for you at least you will have learned that as you go through this process.

Now, before I get into it - you don’t have to track calories or macros for fat loss.

Where going into this kind of detail can become helpful is…

  • If you are stuck and haven’t seen progress
  • If you are totally lost as to how much you are eating, or what you should be eating
  • If you feel you are eating all the right foods, but aren’t seeing and progress
  • You are looking to go to that next level with your aesthetics 

So, it is totally optional if you do want to do something like this.

I just like to inform and give you options - so that if you ever want to give it a go, you can…

Or down the track if you decide to amp things up a bit you can always come back and revisit this blog and feel empowered that you can take yourself to new levels.

1. Everybody Is Different 

It’s important to remember that although we are all mostly the same, there are small nuances from person to person that might mean that certain adjustments need to be made.

Any history of illness, insulin resistance, hormone issues, gut microbiome, activity level, thyroid level etc can all have an impact on your macros.

So it is important to remember that when you are setting up your macros that the first go, might not be exactly right. You might have to make a few minor adjustments to get it right for you.

I will walk you through as best I can in this blog what you will need to do and consider, but it is hard to give one size fits all advise when it comes to small nuances that might pop up.

If you get lost, or confused, then maybe a done for you meal plan is for you. I can walk you through step by step what you need to do and even do it for you so that you can learn quicker. You can find out more about that here.

2. Be Patient

Like I have said before, permanent change takes time.

I get it, you want results yesterday. But if you rush this process it won’t work, and can turn into a hot mess…. Trust me.

Invest in this process, give yourself time to experience it and learn it.

If you make a mistake, don’t be hard on yourself… learn from it and keep moving forward.

If you give this process time to work properly you can and will see better results than you could have imagined.

But you need to give it time.

3. Don’t Fear Trial & Error

There may be times in your macro journey that you may have to make an educated guess about what to do next.

This is why it is important to be patient and learn your body. Because the more in tune with your body you are, the easier those educated guesses are going to be.

But that’s not to say you won’t make a misstep from time to time.

If you start to notice that your change to your calories or macros negatively impacts you. Don’t throw in the towel.

Go back to the last intake that was working, recalibrate, adjust and keep moving forward.

Now that we have got some of the mindset, and 'foundation' work done for setting macros.... 

We can move onto Part 2, and actually learning how to put together your macro plan in part 2 here -

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