How To Get The Most Out Of Your Day (So You Can Finally See Results) (Part 3 of 3)

Hey, welcome to part 3 of my How To Get The Most Out Of Your Day blog series. 

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There are some pretty awesome tips in part one and two (if I do say so myself lol ☺️) so be sure to check them out first. 

Now.... onto part 3 

5. Prioritise

It’s your life, you get to choose what is important to you and how you spend your time.

No one can dictate that to you, it is completely within your control.

Working a job you hate? Make plans to change jobs, or figure out ways to save money so you can spend less time working.

Unhappy with your weight or level of fitness? Find the time to work out and eat healthy.

You don’t necessarily have to do a complete 180 on your life… but over time you should be working toward a life that makes you feel more happy and fulfilled. 

But remember, pretty much no one finds making big changes easy. 

I don’t know who made up this lie that it should be easy, but for 99% of us, in 99% of circumstances change will be hard.

Sure there are some unicorns out there who can make big changes without some struggle, without some mistakes and without some heartache, but I would say they are the exceptions not that rule. 

Change starts when you prioritise what is important to you.

For eg. if you are struggling to find time to work out, here are some things you can look at so you can prioritise your workout... 

  • Cut back on TV
  • Cut back on social media
  • Put your foot down and do less overtime at work, or checking those after hours emails at home 
  • Instead of driving to work, can you walk or catch public transport? Or park further away from work so you have to walk

Find a way to make the things you want happen, or at least start the process and figure it out as you go along.

Too many people wait for the perfect timing, or the perfect moment before they will start working toward what is important to them.

Spoiler alert… there is no perfect time.

The only time is right now, and if you don’t start now… there are no guarantees that you ever will.

Prioritise what is important, cause there would be nothing worse than at 70 or 80 looking back and wishing that you had done something sooner.

6. Remind Yourself To Take Action

I don’t take action by accident, I take action cause I set myself up with the right environment to do so.

I’m just as guilty as you as getting sucked into “being busy doing nothing” as the next person.

But I have triggers or things that help me get out and stop procrastinating.

I use apps like Pomodoro and Evernote.

I look at the time, and then countdown from three in my head and get up and take action on what I know I should be doing.

I remind myself every single day that if I don’t take action, no one else is going to make me take action so I have to be completely 100% accountable to myself, and my results (or lack thereof).

I remove distractions so that when I am taking action I don’t get interrupted.

I write down my goals and I remind myself of them.

I choose goals that are important to me, and that I want to work toward. This isn’t to say that some days you won’t feel like taking action. In fact at least a few times per week I’ll have a moment where I am like “do I have to?” But the fact that I REALLY want to achieve what I set out to, and it is important to me, will pull me through those moments.

I have my phone on silent or airplane mode, I don’t take phone calls, I have notifications turned off and I don’t respond to emails or texts just cause someone contacted me. I wait until I finish a task, or am in free time to respond. All of these keep me taking action when I need to.

You need to work out the best things for you and what will help you succeed.
Remember, it’s your time….

You can spend it however you like.

But if you are unhappy or unsatisfied with your current circumstances, you need to make changes to start heading on a path that makes you happy (or at least happier).

Only you can know what is right for you and your circumstances.

But I hope you find some of these ideas helpful, motivating and inspire some thought about what you can do to create some positive change in your life.

Remember, nothing changes if nothing changes.

You need to take the first step and start the process, and taking some control back of your time, and really valuing it is a great first step.

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