How To Beat Cravings (Part 1 of 3)

I don't know about you... but I can't be the only person who suffers from cravings?

Some people get sweet cravings for chocolate and doughnuts...

Others get savoury for burgers and fries. 

I'm one of the 'unlucky' people who craves both sweet and savoury food (YAY). 

Which can be a real pain in the butt, especially when you are trying to eat right, stay healthy and see progress. 

It's been weird though, I seem to have gotten more cravings BEFORE I was pregnant, now I just have a lot of food aversions lol. 

But, the awesome thing about having struggled with cravings for pretty much my whole adult life means I have learnt some pretty nifty tricks for beating them, or keeping them at bay. 

This week I am going to share with you some of my favourite ways to beat cravings! 

1. Be Well Rested / Get Enough Sleep 

This is one that you might not hear often when it comes to cravings, but I have seen it play out in myself and in clients time and time again. 

When you are tired, run down, and not getting enough sleep or having enough down time... your cravings tend to get more intense. 

Why is this? 

Well our body is looking for an energy hit. If you didn't get enough sleep, your body needs to compensate by getting more energy from somewhere. 

And what are you going to crave? 

High sugar and high fat foods, as this is what your body will quickly convert to energy and also store for later energy. 

There has been a lot of research done into sleep deprivation and overeating and the results are crazy... 

If you are sleep deprived, you tend to overeat by roughly an extra 400 calories per day. 

That's a whole extra meal! 

And, if you add that up over the weeks and years, that can equal a lot of extra weight gain! 

So how can you combat this? 

Get more sleep! 

But as I'm about to find out, sometimes that is easier said than done (especially for mums). 

If you are already are getting the most sleep you can in, try doing one or more of these tips 

  1. Recording TV shows of an evening so you can catch up on a weekend and get to bed an hour earlier.
  2. Spend 5 to 10 minutes meditating or breathing at some stage throughout the day for a mental refresh. 
  3. Have a power nap in your lunch break. 
  4. Have no screen time at least 30 minutes before bedtime so you can fall asleep faster. 
  5. Listen to sleep podcasts like 'Sleep With Me' to get to sleep faster. 
  6. Catch up on sleep on the weekend. 
  7. Declutter and prioritise your schedule to make more time. 

And, if you really can't do anything at all about your current schedule, really be aware about what you eat and realise that those cravings are there because you are tired, not because you actually NEED a whole block of chocolate. Be prepared with healthy snacks or some water and you will find it much easier to resist. 

2. Only Keep Healthy Food In The House 

This is a big one, but for a lot of people they really do resist it. 

They will say well I need to have these things in the house for my partner or the kids. 

I know this is a serious example to make, but you wouldn't expect an alcoholic to keep alcohol in their house for their partner... so why should you have to keep food you are clearly struggling with in your house? 

Make things hard for yourself if you easily give into temptation. 

I do this, I can't be trusted with treats in the house. 

I will even eat Matt's ones if he takes too long to have them lol! 

So I only buy them when I intend to eat them. 

I don't keep a stock in the cupboard or fridge. I only have healthy food on hand and that makes it sooooo much harder to give into cravings. 

Same will go for when Pokey is here, I won't be buying junk food just to have in the cupboard or fridge. 

If I shouldn't be eating it regularly why should my child? 

If your family are used to you getting certain things, it might take a little adjustment, but if you explain to them why.... I am sure they will be onboard and understand. 

You could even offer to substitute for some other things that you don't like but you know they love, that way it isn't tempting for you. 

Set your environment up for success and you will feel so much better, and you won't feel guilty every time you have a weak moment. 

3. Have A Drink Of Water 

This is a bit of a boring one... 

I know, water is not exciting at all. 

But it is literally what our body has been designed to drink. 

Not coffee, not juice, not soft drink 

Just water. 

Quite often our body will mistake feelings of dehydration for hunger, and therefore we can have cravings when really we are just dehydrated. 

Have a big drink of water and see how you feel afterwards. 

Most people definitely aren't drinking enough, and I get it... it's not exactly tasty, or exciting. 

I used to hate water. 

Now I have at least 8 glasses per day, plus smoothies and fruit (which all have a high water content). 

My skin is so much clearer and better, I feel more mentally clear when I'm hydrated, I can focus easier, my digestion works better, I'm less hungry, my cravings are reduced and I just feel good! 

I also notice now when I don't have enough that I start to get tired, a bit headachy, grumpy and my cravings start to kick in. 

So drink up your water. 

Fun ways I like to spice water up is with fruit (berries, lemon or lime) or to have sparkling water (unflavoured/unsweetened - add your own fresh fruit). It makes a little bit easier to have more if you are enjoying it :) 

Hope you have enjoyed these tips so far... you can check out part 2 here -



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