Getting Started on Your Fitness Journey (Part 2 of 3)


Welcome to part 2 of 3 of my 'How To Get Started On Your Fitness Journey' blog. 

If you haven't checked out part 1... make sure you do as I am covering foundational tips that will help you get set up right to start with. 

These were mainly to do with mindset and things you need to do before you kick off your journey to ensure you have a higher rate of success. 

You can check them out here >> 

Once you have read through part 1, you are ready for part 2... so let's get into it!

4. Set Goals That You Are Excited About

This may seem self evident to some of you, but a lot of people do hesitate to set goals. 

I used to feel this way too. 

What happens if I don't achieve them?

I haven't succeeded in the past so why bother? 

My goals may not matter in a few weeks or months, so what is the point if I am just going to change my mind anyway? 

Are three common doubts and thought processes that held me back from setting goals in the past. 

I'm not sure if you have felt the same, or if you have different doubts about why setting goals isn't for you... but I will address the three that I have felt and these are also common reasons I have heard amongst clients I have worked with. 

What happens if you don't achieve them? 

Well you may or may not achieve the goal you set out to do. If it is important enough you will get there eventually. It might take a few attempts, longer than expected or a change in strategy, but if you want it you can find a way to make it work. 

If along the way you change your mind about your goal, that is fine too. There are no rules to your life when it comes to what you want. It is perfectly fine to set out with one intention and then change it along the way if you uncover something more meaningful or that drives you further. In fact, that can be a good thing! It means you are peeling back your layers and learning more about yourself. 

For eg. I have seen a lot of clients set out with the goal of wanting to lose 10kg (22 lbs). Then along the way they find a bit more meaning to their health and fitness journey and it isn't about the weight loss anymore. They might start training for a marathon, a Tough Mudder or want to do a bikini model competition. Then that becomes more of a driver for them and the 10kg becomes less important, and being fit and strong becomes more important. Or, they might start out wanting to lose some weight, but then their health journey becomes more about setting a good example for their kids, or setting their kids up with healthy food knowledge and a positive outlook about exercise. 

It is perfectly okay to change your goals and driving purpose, that shouldn't hold you back from setting them in the first place. 

Start with where you are, and immerse yourself in the journey and process and you will achieve remarkable things. 

I haven't succeeded in the past so why bother? 

Every attempt you get closer to the breakthrough. 

You can fail 100 times, and it might be the 101st time that you have learned what you needed to learn to stick it out and create permanent change. 

I went through a series of restrictive diets, rapid detoxes, meal replacements, soup diets over a number of years before I finally was ready to make permanent change. Each of those failures taught me what wasn't sustainable long term and gave me lessons about what I needed to do. 

I needed to practice consistency and discipline with diet and exercise. 

But I wasn't ready to do that until that last time. 

So even if you have failed so many times in the past, make sure you reflect on what you have done... the things that have worked and the things that didn't work, and then try again. 

It might be one or two small tweaks to what you did that last time, and you finally are in a place where you have developed a sustainable plan for yourself. 

Or, if you need help with a plan, I can help you with that HERE

My goals may not matter in a few weeks or months, so what is the point if I am just going to change my mind anyway? 

This is similar to the first point. 

It is important to still set goals, even if they do change. 

It gives you something to aim for, something to motivate you and helps drive you to turn up even on days you are struggling. 

For eg. when I comp prep, I am in the zone and nothing will stand in my way. 

I find hours in the day that I didn't know existed! 

I am so motivated, and even on days where I feel like eating junk food and sleeping in, I still will turn up at the gym so that I can bring my best body to the stage. 

When I'm not prepping I tend to drift a bit more. I say yes to more junk food, and I find more excuses to skip the gym!

So having a motivating goal, even if it does change down the track, should help inspire you to dig a little deeper on days where you just CBF'ed. 

Remember - your goals should motivate and excite you. If they don't then they aren't the right goals. Dig a little deeper and don't be afraid to be real about what motivates you. 

5. Do A Start Shop & Meal Prep 

I find doing a 'start' shop and then meal prepping (batch cooking) some meals for the week can really help you prepare mentally for the shift that is about to come. 

It helps create a line in the sand, that now you are making this transition and stepping things up. 

Write out a grocery list and plan out your meals for the week so that you feel organised and aren't scrambling each day trying to get the shops or make your meals. 

If you need a meal plan you can find out more about one HERE

Doing a start shop and meal prep can help you feel more excited and motivated about the changes to come. 

6. Add Your Workouts Into Your Diary/Calendar 

When we make an appointment we are more likely to keep it. 

Whether you are starting out doing 3, 5, or 6 workouts per week... ad them into your calendar as appointments.

This is one reason why getting a PT or joining a class based gym can really help people be successful, is because they know if they don't turn up they will be letting others down (either their trainer or friends at the gym). 

Being accountable to others can be great motivation to help you get started, but you should learn to become accountable to yourself first and foremost. 

So adding your workouts into your calendar can help create that accountability with yourself. 

Plus not everyone can afford a PT or to go to a class based gym/group training facility. 

So if you use the same mindset about keeping those appointments and not letting yourself down, this can help keep you accountable and motivated to turn up. 

It also helps you track and keep tabs on how often you are showing up. 

You don't have to do 100% of your workouts each week, because life will throw you curveballs and that's okay. But, if you do 100% of them 8 weeks out of 10 you will be well on your way to creating long term habits and achieving and maintaining your results long term. 

So there you have it, my next three tips to help you get started on your fitness journey. 

You can find the third and final three steps here >>

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments below... or in the Facebook group

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