Get Your Skin Glowing (Part 3 of 3)


Hope you are having an awesome day. 

It's time for the third and final instalment in my Get Your Skin Glowing series. 

If you haven't checked out part one, or two yet you can do that first here. 



Once you have checked them out, you are ready for the final three tips so read on! 

7. Eat Foods High in These Nutrients

Both Lycopene and Beta Carotene have both been positively associated with a nice glowing skin complexion.

Some foods high in lycopene are

Red Capsicum

So foods that have a red/pink colour are great for lycopene.

Foods high in beta carotene are

Sweet Potato
Butternut Squash

So primarily orange foods.

Make sure you get lots of servings of these fresh fruit and veggies in each day and your skin will shine!

8. Avoid Processed Foods

I don’t want to be the food police, and you can eat whatever you like.

But if you have bad skin and you want to fix it, eating whole foods in their most natural state will definitely give you the edge when it comes to your skin.

Lots of fresh fruit and veggies, fresh salads, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes will all have a positive impact on your skin.

Whereas oils, refined sugars, flour, excess gluten can all negatively impact your gut health and therefore your skin.

Eating fresh lunches and dinners like THIS ( ) or THIS ( ) and snacks like THIS ( ) will help you get a wide variety of fresh foods that will help you have a healthy glow.

I will eat most of my meals each week whole food plant based (WFPB), and then have one (maybe two) meals that aren’t necessarily WFPB.

I find this works optimally for my skin and also my weight maintenance.

9. Limit Alcohol Consumption

When I used to drink most weekends I had awful skin, and had overly red blotchy patches on my cheeks, nose and chin.

I still do have some pink undertones, but they are nowhere near as accentuated as when I drank all the time.

For the last at least 8 years or so, I haven’t really drunk that much, maybe four or five times per year.

I find this helps me stay motivated, get good quality sleep, feel less anxious, make better food choices and therefore this all positively impacts my skin. I also don’t skip workouts because I feel crappy.

All of this compounds to all round better health, which then means my skin reflects my internal health.

Also, alcohol can cause gut dysbiosis, so again poor gut health can leave you with lacklustre skin.

Can you see how everything is linked?

Also, have you noticed an overlap and pattern between a lot of these tips and previous blogs on weight loss or health?

If you take care of the foundation to good health, you will notice the flow on effects in all areas of your life, not just your skin!

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below or post up in the Facebook group. 

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