Expect the Unexpected

Let's face it... 

Life doesn't always go to plan. 

The last few weeks of my life, well they have been anything but ordinary. 

From my cat Bubbles having to spend half a week at the emergency vet, to one of my other cats Lucy getting stung by a bee or a green ant and having a fat face... 

To yesterday a huge commercial fridge falling on Matt and him breaking his ankle, toe and wrist 

It's all just been a bit hectic. 

But that doesn't mean I have stopped working toward my goals. 

Yes, things have to get re-jigged a bit. 

But, I haven't given up. 

For eg. I am writing this at 10:54pm, after getting up at 6am this morning to start getting things ready for deliveries for Herbidoor

And I have not stopped all day. 

I don't tell you this to be like "look at me". 

I tell you this, cause I'm not special, but I will go the extra mile when I need to so that I can fulfil my goals and create a positive impact on the world. 

So what does this have to do with your weight loss / health / fitness goals??? 


Life will always throw the unexpected at you. 

You need to be prepared that things will pretty much never go to plan. 

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make, is when they go to start a weight loss journey... they say things like "I'm going to lose 10kg within the next 6 weeks". 

Which is awesome, and it can happen. 

If everything goes to plan and there are no variables that pop up. 

But more often than not, things WILL pop up. 

And most people at the very first or second set back will give up, say it's not meant to be, or just throw in the towel. 

You can't have that mindset. 

If something is important to you, if it means a lot to you and you want it to happen. You need to find a way to soldier on. 

Maybe instead of 6 weeks, you lose 10kg in 10 weeks... 

Or maybe you lose 5kg in those 6 weeks and are happy with that, then you maintain that goal for a week or two, then push ahead to your final 10kg goal. 

Or maybe you decide at 4kg down that you really want to focus on building some muscle and that becomes a more important goal. 

Plan as though everything will go perfectly, but be prepared for the unexpected. Then if things do pop up, allow yourself to be flexible and don't be hard on yourself if your plans change.

No one is ever perfect. 

Even the most elite athletes who have dieticians, sports psychologists, and people planning every second of their day are perfect 100% of the time. 

They can get sick, get injured, have a life setback too. 

It's part of being human. 

But what sets some people apart from others, is the resilience to get back up and keep on focusing on what is important to them. 

So often health and fitness becomes one of our lowest priorities, especially when we are extremely busy. 

This is a very bad habit to get into. 

Cause it's so hard to get back into routine once you have been out of it for awhile. 

So you need to stay as consistent as you possibly can. 

If you get busy, your usual 6 workouts per week, might drop back to 3... and that's okay. 

But just try stay as consistent as possible. 


Always expect that the unexpected will pop up. 

And, remember when you commit to a healthy lifestyle... a week off to the gym here and there won't matter in all the years of exercise and eating healthy. 

What will matter though, is never getting started in the first place. 

Or stopping every time life got a little bit "too busy" or it became a little bit "too hard". 



What matters is your consistency over the long term. 

So don't let the unexpected stop you in your tracks... 

There are always many different ways you can handle a situation, just work out the best way for you in that moment... 

and keep moving forward!

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