4 Keys To Fat Loss (Part 1 of 3)

When it comes to losing unwanted body fat, there are 4 key areas you need to nail to see progress. 

Now, before you get started.... 

Please download the checklist. This checklist goes through the 4 keys and gets you to 'rate' how well you are doing in the key areas.


4 Keys To Fat Loss

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    What you don't know, you don't know. 

    So please don't skip this step. It could be crucial to you identifying some of the triggers, or things holding you back from finally seeing the results you want!

    Now... going through these 4 keys... 

    You might feel like saying 

    "But Amanda, this is just too easy" 

    Or feel like there is some type of secret I'm not revealing. 

    The only 'secrets' are hard work, consistency and determination.... that is it. 

    There are no magic pills, no secret herbs, no special regimes. 

    Only what works for you... and keeping that consistent over time. 

    Yes, it can be difficult to uncover what ACTUALLY works for you. But that's why you have the download above, and why I'll be going through these keys in more detail throughout the week. 

    So you can hopefully get some more ideas about what might work for you. 

    And if you are still confused, you can always get me to help you out one on one to help you stop feeling overwhelmed or confused!

    If you don't get these 4 keys right.... you will be building your fat loss regime like a house of cards, one slight 'stuff up' and your whole routine can come crashing down. 

    Today we will be going through two of the keys generally, then on Friday (part 3) we will go into more detail as I will have your responses to the booklet in the Healthy Balanced Bikini Babes group, so I will be able to help you tackle them! 

    So make sure you post in there - otherwise I can't help you! 

    KEY NUMBER 1 - Exercise 

    Exercise is not only important for fat loss, it is important for overall health and longevity as well. 

    (Not that longevity is probably a priority of yours right now. But one day it will be, and so starting sooner rather than later is a good thing!)

    Most people overthink exercise, and try do too much, too soon.

    Then feel like a failure when in week three they can't keep up their gym schedule and their legs are on fire for four days after squats. 

    If you are busy, ease yourself in. 

    Think.... what can I manage right now that isn't going to stress me the EFF out. 

    Is that a 15 minute circuit at home? Is it a walk in the morning? What can you add into your day to get that little bit more active. 

    Gradually building intensity, duration and frequency is much better than going all in, then falling off the wagon for a month, then going all in for another week or two, and then falling off the wagon again. 

    Also, think about the results you want to achieve. I'm sorry but if you want to have tummy tone and lean muscle, running simply won't cut it. 

    You have to do the right exercise for the goals you want to achieve. 

    You can mix some of the exercises you do cause you love them in with some of the ones that will get you results... but if you have specific physical goals, you need to make sure you are doing the right kinds of exercise for that physique. 

    Otherwise, you could be doing the same thing over and over for years and never see the progress you want. 

    KEY NUMBER 2 - Sleep

    What does sleep have to do with fat loss? 

    Soooo much. It is actually very undervalued when it comes to fat loss - and could be a big reason why you aren't seeing the results you want. 

    If you are tired, you feel less motivated, you won't train as hard and you are more likely to over consume calories!

    So, try get some more sleep if you are lacking in this department. 

    How much is optimal? Well that can range from person to person. But somewhere between 7 - 9 hours is generally regarded as the 'right amount'. 

    Sure, you may be able to operate on less for a period of time but eventually it will catch up with you. You may burn out, you may get sick, you might injure yourself. But, if you are always on empty, life will find a way to slow you down. 

    I also go through these in a bit more detail in this video....

    Remember - in part 3 on Friday we will be covering more practical steps for how you can optimise these 4 keys in your life. 

    Be sure to fill out the booklet and post your answers in the HBBB group so that I can be sure to address your specific problems Friday :)


    P.S. Part 2 of this series can be found here - https://becomeaplantbasedbabe.com/blogs/news/4-keys-to-fat-loss-part-2-of-3


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