4 Keys To Fat Loss (Part 3 of 3)

Hey everyone!

Welcome to part 3 of the 4 keys to fat loss series. 

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And you can find part 2 here - https://becomeaplantbasedbabe.com/blogs/news/4-keys-to-fat-loss-part-2-of-3

Also, if you haven't downloaded your copy of the '4 Keys To Fat Loss' book make sure to download it here now. It will help you assess where you are at now on each of the 4 keys, so you can figure out what you need to work on. 


4 Keys To Fat Loss

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    Okay, let's get to it. 

    So I had a few awesome peeps let me know what they needed help with the most... 

    So, I'm going to go through and try help them with their problems in as much detail as possible. 

    First up, help with fitting in more rest & relaxation. 

    As I said in my previous posts. These can be deceptive. It can be tempting to fob off rest and relaxation as unimportant. Or, that you do get some down time. 

    But your down time might be doing the wrong kind of things (that don't actually help you relax) like watch loads of TV or scroll through social media. 

    Or, if you are flat out and busy it can be easy to have the mentality that you don't have time to rest, or can't afford to rest. 

    But if you are always operating from an empty cup, you are literally always one misstep away from injury, illness or burnout. 

    So what can you do? 

    How can you cultivate more rest and relaxation into a busy schedule?

    First step, start small. 

    Is there any way you could go to bed 30 minutes earlier? Try 30 minutes to begin with... it might not seem like a lot - but if you are always in the red, that 30 minutes is a great first step in the right direction. 

    Do you have 5 minutes you could do some breathing and meditation in your day? 

    You don't have to find big chunks of time to add these things in - start small, you can always increase more as you fall into your new routine. 

    Another awesome thing I like to do, is write up 'my perfect day'. 

    So - I write up what my perfect day would look like if I was living my dream life. Go all out and don't hold back. 

    Then, come back to the present moment and write out what your perfect day would look like if you had the best day you possibly could with your current job/family/life commitments. If you're day went 100% to plan, what would it look like?

    Then, see what things in both of those ideal days you can utilise each day for the next week. 

    For eg. my perfect day would be that I wake up at 6:00am after getting a full and refreshing 8 hours sleep. I read for ten minutes, then I do five minutes of meditation.  I get up, drink my lemon water and go for my fasted morning walk. I then come home, have my coffee and go to the gym to train. I train hard and I work my body. I then come home, have my shower and then get some work done. At 11am I break for my first meal. And so on...

    My reality at the moment is muuuuch different to this as I'm still battling morning/all day sickness - I jinxed myself by saying I was past it on Monday lol. But, by writing it out like that, it gives me something to strive for and I can calculate and plan out my day. 

    Failing to plan is planning to fail. 

    You need to have a plan, something to aim for.... But if you aren't 100% each day that is okay (and perfectly normal). 

    Once you write it out and get it out of your head and on paper you will be able to more easily see your plan, you will be able to pick up on things you might be missing when you just are constantly going over everything in your head. 

    It will also help relieve yourself of some mental clutter and guess what????? That will help you feel more relaxed. 

    When I get overwhelmed, I always come back to writing plans, and doing a brain dump. 

    Get everything out that's in your head and you will feel more organised, and far less stressed. 

    Staying consistent with exercise 

    My next question was around staying consistent with exercise. 

    If you are really struggling getting a routine... and have been on and off for a while, getting coaching definitely will help. Having to report to me every day will keep you accountable and motivated to keep going, and turn up until you are strong enough to go it alone and have built your own habits and routine. That kind of support is invaluable in the beginning. Especially if this has been something you have been struggling with for awhile. 

    (You can find out more about coaching here - https://becomeaplantbasedbabe.com/products/private-coaching-4-weeks).

    But, you can do it on your own. You just have to:

    1. want it bad enough 
    2. be flexible and adaptable to your personal schedule changes 
    3. remember it's more about consistency over the years, than days. 3 times a week for 52 weeks, is better than 7 days a week for 1 month, then 3 months off, then 7 days a week for 1 1/2 months then another 2 months off etc. 

    Also, make sure you are choosing goal appropriate exercise (ie. the training you are doing will actually help you achieve the physique you want) and exercise you enjoy. This will help with adherence and consistency over the longer term too. 

    Getting started is always the hardest time, that's why staying consistent over a long term is much easier than stop/starting all the time. It's also better for your health, and results! 

    The final questions were around what to eat. 

    What to eat really depends on your goals, your personal body shape, how much activity you do, if your job is sedentary etc. 

    It can feel overwhelming trying to work it all out. But as I said in the diet part of the blog in Part 2... keep things simple first: 

    • eat a portion controlled whole food plant based diet and minimise oil, packaged and processed foods.  
    • except for 1 - 2 meals per week when you can get takeaway or eat whatever you feel like (hello vegan doughnuts and pizza). 
    • practice intermittent fasting (16:8).
    • drink 2+ litres of water per day, more if you train or it's hot. 
    • eat slowly and consciously, don't mindlessly pick. 

    For most people, it really can be that simple. 

    If you can honestly say, you have been doing all those things above and not seen any progress then, it might be time to take the next step and get some one on one coaching

    Why keep trying to do the same thing over and over if you aren't seeing the progress you want? Or, trying a bunch of different things that just aren't working. 

    When... you can get advice, get a plan, get daily check ins to make sure you are on track and you can just work on seeing results. 

    Having expertise on your side can take the headaches and confusion out of weight loss and help you finally see the progress you've been dreaming of. 

    If you aren't seeing results with general advice, then the next step is to get personalised advice. 

    Cause diet is such a personal thing. Some lucky people can follow all the steps above and see massive changes to their body, their health and weight just falls right off them. 

    For some people, it isn't that simple. And without going through your background, measurements, current activity levels, current eating patterns, etc. 

    There isn't a one size fits all approach and it can be extremely hard for me to give individual advice without working with you on an ongoing basis. 

    I could say do this, change this, keep doing that... and it may work. 

    Or, your body may respond totally differently.... and then you're like "oh that Amanda, she doesn't know what she's talking about"... when if we were working together I could take that feedback that your body has given, interpret it and go okay now we need to look into this and this. 

    For eg. I was working with a client, Karen. She was consistently seeing progress, then she hit a plateau still about 15lbs away from her goal. So I made a couple of tweaks to her diet... but still nothing. Now because I was working with her doing private coaching I knew she wasn't cheating on her diet and she was working out. But she also told me that she was going through a extra stressful couple of weeks. So, what we did was instead of trying to alter her diet more, we scaled back her exercise slightly and I got her to get a couple of early nights. This made all the difference. Karen was happier, less stressed and the scale started moving again. 

    Having someone to help you put the puzzle together can make all the difference. 

    So that's it for the 4 Keys to Fat Loss. 

    I hope you have found some helpful and insightful tips in here and in Part 1 and Part 2 that will help you shred unwanted body fat and see the results you deserve. 



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